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Motel Art Improvement Service-A Serial Graphic Novel

12.10.2008 | Jason Little | NP, Partisan Art, Sequential Art | 21 Comments



New Partisan is proud to present as excerpt from Jason Little’s graphic novel, Motel Art Improvement Service, a crackling good story that’s somewhere about the border of Hergé and Clowes.

Partisan Video—James

12.6.2008 | A.R. Brook Lynn | NP, Partisan Art, Video | 4 Comments

This week’s video feature, by New Partisan regular A.R. Brook Lynn, is a short film about a cash-strapped Greenwich Village mother, Becky (NP contributor Hala Lettieri), and her six-and-a-half-year old daughter, Charlotte (Samantha Becker), on a trip to see her estranged husband, James (Salvatore Interlandi, writer and director of the widely acclaimed  Charlie), and try to collect child support. James also features Angela Pietropinto (Welcome to the Dollhouse), and a cameo by New Partisan editor-in-chief Harry Siegel as the mental patient some say he was born to play.


Bill Travis' New York

Flip through Weegee’s photos to see the city’s violent underbelly, or Berenice Abbott’s for razor-sharp views of the city’s canyons. Look to Michael Wesely for ghostlike, long-term exposures. When I look at Bill Travis’s work, I see something different and the closest parallels I can find are with photographs over a hundred years old.

The Cortelyou Project

06.30.2006 | Amber Scoon | Fine Art, Partisan Art | 4 Comments

Amber Scoon's Cortelyou Project, a series of paintings of what the 2000 census found to be America's most integrated neighborhod.

Cities of Light

04.26.2006 | Zhanna Gumerova | Fine Art, Partisan Art, Photography | 1 Comment

New Partisan Presents: PEGGED by Nick Savard

04.5.2006 | The Editors | Fine Art, Partisan Art, Partisan Briefs | 1 Comment
New Partisan, along with affiliate and contributor, Miranda Fine Art present Nick Savard’s solo gallery show, PEGGED, opening tomorrow in London. Savard is a New York based artist who incorporates photography, drawing and sculpture into his work. His most recent installation is an intricate setup featuring wooden viewing cones, a system of pulleys and drawings. If you’re in London, be sure to check it out. Details of the show, some examples and a brief essay on Savard’s work follow.

April 7 - 13 May 2006
The Glasshouse Gallery
2-3 Bull's Head Passage, Leadenhall
Market, London, EC1

Napoli: New Paintings and Drawings

03.22.2006 | Amber Scoon | Fine Art, Partisan Art | 6 Comments

"See Napoli and Die"

What A Wonderful World

02.27.2006 | Marguerita | Partisan Art | 1 Comment

Art By Yevgeniya Baras

02.7.2006 | Yevgeniya Baras | Fine Art, Partisan Art | 4 Comments

The artist’s childhood, with its tiny apartments and the lurking shadow of political oppression, demanded a closeness with others that was at once comforting and stifling. The memory of these situations and emotions is reflected in the density of Baras’ painted surfaces. Layers of pattern in the paintings, evoking old lace and textiles, often placed on a glowingly textured background, create airless and closed miniature worlds.

Aftermath of French Riots

01.2.2006 | Sara White Wilson | Partisan Art, Photography | 1 Comment

Much of the fervor of the past week recalls France's tumultuous and bloody history of riot and revolt. The difference is that the disaffected rioters were not burning down government headquarters, they were burning their neighbor's car and their local grocery.

Sara White Wilson is a curator of the sidewalk. Her photographs capture the palimpsests naturally created in the urban environment through the constant changes of a neighborhood. Wilson captures the accidental as well as the intentional layering of meaning — graffiti on a storefront, a partially torn billboard poster. The build-up of visual representation happens quickly in a city, and Wilson practices a subtle art in choosing the decisive moment at which intervention has brought a climax of meaning, but before decay has set in, and a new cycle begun.

Arcane Business Agency and Other Fabulous Resources

08.1.2005 | Harry Siegel | Partisan Art, Photography, Urban Affairs | 2 Comments

A Last Look at Fulton Fish Market

07.25.2005 | Evita Mendiola | Partisan Art, Photography, Urban Affairs | 3 Comments

"The phrase 'the city that never sleeps' doesn’t refer to nightclubs and bars, but to work and labor. At all hours is the city building, selling, changing, working; that is what it means to live in the city that never sleeps."

Zyg & Mea III

Nov tys and Other City Signs

Window View

The Hormones II

07.9.2005 | Marguerita | Partisan Art, Sequential Art | 1 Comment

Zyg & Mea II

Zyg & Mea I

Signs and Reflections

The Hormones I

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