We Couldn't Be More Proud

New York Press editors (and New Partisan founders) Harry Siegel, Tim Marchman, Jonathan Leaf and columnist Azi Paybarah resigned yesterday, rather than compromise their journalistic ideals, when the paper’s ownership censored content, including the infamous Danish Muhammed cartoons.

Their courage, principles and integrity are admirable. More importantly, they are sorely needed at a time when other journalists and publications lack these qualities and publish fear-inspired and inflammatory screeds rather than providing an honest exploration of important issues. The fact that the Press’ ownership is stopping editors from running content out of cowardice, business concerns or no, betrays a serious lack of integrity.

These fellows, now formerly of the Press, have shown their commitment to authentic journalism not only by taking this morally upright stand, but in the hard work and long hours they’ve devoted to improving the Press during their short tenure. New York Press will suffer because of the loss of these gentlemen, but we at NP and the public at large will only benefit from their actions and their continued contributions.

More at The Politicker

Good Job, I wanna know that the news I read are as authentic as can be. Thanks, A Reader.
02.12.2006 | Young Werther

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