Siegel Shoots the RNC Protests

08.30.2004 | Harry Siegel | National Affairs, Partisan Art, Photography | 3 Comments

It looks like I’ll be writing about the protest scene for the New York Post and the Weekly Standard, but here are a few pictures to whet your appetite. The very short of it is too many people in too much heat, and not nearly as much in the way of street theater as I’d expected (and seen at other, smaller rallies). The police were competent, professional and mostly quite bored, while many of the protesters expected the pigs (a phrase I heard yelled several times) to take them out at any moment. A very white protest, even as such things go, and a very young skew to the attendees, who spent an awful lot of time cheering wildly for things that happened 20 blocks further north, but “Whoos” and “Yays” spread down the line like an aural version of the sports wave or a fast-moving virus. As an aside, it’s worth noting that Union Square has replaced Washington Square as the place to be for be-ins and what-not (which includes breakdancing, evangelical preaching, hackey sacking and girl-watching).

City in Reflection

Child With Sign

Communists for Kerry

The right’s answer to Billionaires for Bush. Here all-star Reds Lenin and Castro examine the people’s Rubik’s Cube, in which all sides are of an equal color.

Madman I

Fidel Lookalike

A Union Square soapbox (alright, it’s really a milk crate) and megaphone regular.

The NYPD, Brought To You by Fuji

What’s next, nightsticks with the golden arches?

Movement v. System

A Slogan To Unite the City. And the Country.

Memory Like an Elephant

If only New York had its own Olympic team, we’d doubtless take the gold in grudge-holding.


Madman II

A religious madman, in the midst of it all. Nothing like an end-of-days sort, and one with a beautiful Irish brogue at that, to add color to a protest.


Keep up the good work, Harry, looking forward to more reports from the front lines.
08.30.2004 | David Walley
God, I wish I was there...
08.30.2004 | J.E. D'Ulisse
It's truly sad the ignorance of the many. Dr. Goebbels seemed to understand politics, by acknowledging do not appeal to the intellectuals, just appeal to the common man in the street. The common is far more radical and easily lead by a crowd and emotion.
09.5.2004 | Free Press

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