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12.31.2004 | A.R. Brook Lynn | Illustrations, Partisan Art | 1 Comment

Before we ring in the new year, here’s an instant oldie: All of Graphic Arts Editor A.R. Brook Lynn’s illustrations for New Partisan from 2004, beginning with the first installment of her Fanny, a Bowery Tale, continuing with her head cuts of all your favorite partisans, and ending with her article illustrations. Without further ado, then…



     Harry Siegel                      Tim Marchman                          Jonathan Leaf
  harryhed.jpg             tim hed.jpg           jon hed.jpg

       David Steinhardt                             A.R. Brook Lynn                            J.E. D’Ulisse
vid hed.jpg     alex hed.jpg   dulisse hed.jpg

             Woman                                                                                             Man
Girl. copy.jpg                                                            Boy copy.jpg    

                              ARTICLE ART
Blue Woman, from David Walley’s Decay, Decadence and Industrial Sex

Latin Type, from Dr. Ernest Dichter’s With a Cigarette I Am Not Alone
Smoke art.jpg

The Wing and the Wheel, from Richard O’Keeffe’s St. Augustine & the Cyclists, or, Critical Mass
an image

Sexy Boy, from Eric Adler’s A Letter From Rome
an image

Your rich combination of prose and picture evoke emotion and inspiration. Thank you ladies. longines eyewear

12.15.2010 | Anne

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