Our Man's Latest Masterpiece

The latest play from New Partisan’s own Jonathan Leaf, The Germans In Paris, opens tonight. It’s a funny, fast-paced story — based on real events — about three Parisian women and three German intellectuals. One of these Germans was a poet named Heinrich Heine. Another was an unknown journalist of whom the world would hear more — Karl Marx. The last was the composer Richard Wagner. The play — which received detailed coverage this week in Variety and in Playbill — will be running for three weeks with fifteen performances in all, so you’ve got no excuse not to be there, especially after James Wood deemed Leaf’s Pushkin: A Verse Tragedythe best verse play in English since Shakespeare.” Here’s the pertinent information:

March 11 at 8 pm, March 12 At 8 pm, March 13 at 3 pm, March 16 at 8 pm, March 17 At 8 pm, March 18 at 8 pm, March 19 at 2pm and 8 pm, March 20 AT 3 pm, March 23 at 8 pm, March 24 at 8 pm, March 25 At 8 pm, March 26 AT 2 pm & At 8 pm. The Location is 59 East 59th Street (btwn. Madison and Park Avenues) in Theater C. Tickets are $15 and can be ordered from Ticket Central or at 212-279-4200. Tell them New Partisan sent you.

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