New Partisan's New Columnist

Dear Reader,

New Partisan is pleased to introduce new columnist Sam Munson. Sam has written for such publications as Commentary, the Weekly Standard, Policy Review, and the Jerusalem Post, among others. His essays on writers and their critics will appear every Tuesday. You can read his first column, A Respectable, Fruitless Ménage à Trois, here.

We’re also pleased to announce a new feature, the Partisan Reader, consisting of twice-weekly public domain essays, articles, fictions, photos and funnies we think you’ll enjoy, all by our ubiquitous new contributor, Trad Anon.

We’ll continue to offer you daily original content on politics, culture, and the arts (not to mention Tim Marchman’s baseball writing), and hope that you enjoy these new features and many more to come as we continue to grow.

—The Editors

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