Napoli: New Paintings and Drawings

03.22.2006 | Amber Scoon | Fine Art, Partisan Art | 6 Comments

Napoli 1 — Mixed Media

Napoli 2 — Mixed Media

Napoli 3 — Oil on Wood

Napoli 4 — Mixed Media

Napoli 5 — Mixed Media

Napoli 6 — Ink on Wood

Napoli 7 — Oil on Wood

Napoli 8 — Oil on Wood

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And then clenching your fists for the ones like us...
10.19.2004 | S. Sylvester
I saw these pieces at your site but these detailed shots bring out so much detail.

Completely texture rich. I love the designs in the paint, the layers of ink and oils that create that feeling of erosion. The lines too, their look of crystallization, crumbling, and chaos.

The mixed media pieces make me want to experiment, and I think I will, I have a large piece cloth and a piece wood I have been wanting to manipulate for a long time, now that I have seen these I am going to say something with those objects.

Thanks so much for posting these, they are lovely as ever.
04.2.2006 | Brock
"Detailed shots bring out so much detail", that sounds so stupid, I need a comment editor.
04.23.2006 | Brock

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