From Lynd Ward's God's Man - Sea and Coin

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Hi there,
First of all: thank you New Partisan for putting these beautiful images online.

I am currently writing an essay and am negotiating about an exposition on Frans Masereel's influence on Sequential Art. Living in Belgium , I was astonished by the neglect this topic received in the artists (and my own) native country. Since most info I gathered came from the USA, I decided to put a message on this forum so maybe an American scholar could help me out. Please send me all Masereel-related references and titles of works similar to his (for example: Eric Drooker, Peter Kuper, Chris Lanier etc.). I would be immensely grateful to you. And during my next visit to the states I'll maybe bring you a box of Belgian chocolates.

If you can help me out: thank you VERY much
If you can't: thank you for reading this comment anyway

Peace to all,

P.s.: Not all Europeans step in the trap of blind anti-Americanism.

P.s.s.: Please pardon my french spelling, English isn't my motherlanguage (it is, in fact, Dutch!)
03.3.2005 | Willem-Jan Heyvaert
just read the biggest bear (a gift to me in 1966), illustrated by mr ward to my daughter. we loved it and. The facial exprssions are great...

this sequence shows that this artist is admirably multi-faceted.
07.7.2009 | papa ben

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