Filmed Assault? Tim Marchman Talks To Regan Starr

05.1.2004 | Tim Marchman | Interviews & First Person | 50 Comments

This is a transcript of an interview I did with the adult actress and model Regan Starr for a piece I’m writing on the adult industry. I won’t be able to use the vast majority of the material for the article, but I think it’s important to actually listen to people working in this business instead of pitying them as victims, lauding them as sexual pioneers or condemning them as amoral hedonists. Because I think it’s important to hear her voice I have heavily edited this transcript, to remove myself from the conversation and to focus it.

Regan Starr’s experience with Anabolic Video Productions has not received the mainstream attention it deserves. At best it is a case of the crassest imaginable exploitation; at worst it is a case of filmed assault. It is remarkable, though, for its atypicality, and it should not be inferred that the sorts of behavior described in this interview are normal in the adult business. As Ms. Starr points out, blanket condemnations of the entire industry make it all the more difficult for outsiders to understand and identify the real abuses that go on and the real issues they present to us as citizens.

—Tim Marchman

Regan Starr: I was the student body president of my school. I graduated with honors from my high school, I participated as a cheerleader in my high school and was very active in my community. I was a normal girl growing up, and then I was a waitress outside of going to school full time at a junior college, and then decided that I didn’t really like going to college, didn’t like the confinement of having to be in class and paying for being in class.

Well I said, “You know, I’m going to find the highest dollar amount for my education level and make a whole bunch of money. Just sock it away and invest it in a business or something.”

I spent a summer working at a bikini bar, having these big dreams and serving liquor, so at this point I said, “Well, I’m making like four hundred dollars a night doing this in a bikini.” And this guy said to me, “You know, you could do something on the internet. You could make a lot more money. Let’s set up a website.”

So before I even got in the industry at all I had my website, which is I had that before I even did one adult film. It took a year before we set up credit sales and all that crap, so I looked in the newspaper for an agent and got into the industry that way, just going out and beating the pavement, getting jobs, networking and building the site.

Now I’m doing my own production, only for my website, and that’s the only thing I do. I’m not doing any movies for the industry. The last thing I did was one movie for one of the big companies in Japan. He must have shot me maybe a month and a half, two months ago, and then before that I hadn’t done a movie for a year and a half.

I do consider myself [part of the industry], I really do, but not so much as I was before where I was commercially part of the industry. Now I’m part of it privately, my income is from my own personal and private stuff. I’m doing my own web design, my own graphic design and my own HTML and Java. I work from my home and I’m making a living, I’m doing fine.

That happens when it happens, when a women plays her cards right, and it takes some planning, some gumption and motivation. You have to be motivated by one thing, and that’s not to adhere to anyone else’s crap, because as you might know and maybe you might not know, when you’re a woman in the porn industry you can only work for a given company so many times for before you’re what they call “shot out.” And at that point, basically your options are to dance and try to make money on the road — and that’s difficult, you have to get your costume and get your act together and you have to travel a lot of the year and spend a lot of time away from home — or you have to say, “Hey, I’m going to open up a website or private video line and start promoting myself.” Because after a while, you can’t work in the industry anymore. Often the girls get kicked down by the wayside, and they feel very used up. They wind up not having any money saved, and they wind up not having any direction or any sort of foundation to work with.

What I love about the industry is that they never beat around the bush; they don’t pretend that you’re somebody special, and so you should probably have a good idea of what you’re up against. They’re nice about it, but it’s a very open industry. Everybody knows, “Oh yeah, I’ve already shot for that company, I can’t work for them.” There’s no sense of camaraderie where you feel, “This guy, he’s got my back no matter what, and he’s my best friend.” When you get into the industry you can see, you can sense, that people are using you for something.

Anabolic is a company that produces multiple lines of adult video. One of the things they wanted to try was a little bit of shock video. They hired on a producer or director, I don’t know which, by the name of Khan Tusion. That was actually a pseudonym for his real name, which is Ron Sullivan. I don’t know if that’s his real name or not, but that’s his regular adult film name that he used for other directing. They went to him and said, “We have this line that we want you to direct and be part of and you can change your name, ‘Ron Sullivan,’ and you can be somebody else because you might not want to be associated with what we’re going to put out.” Basically, they were going have males and females performing, and the women were going to be roughhoused to the point where they might even bruise, they might even have a bloody nose, or an obvious obtrusion. So [Tusion/Sullivan] took the ball and ran.

I think they’d seen some movies I’d done, where I was being roughed up a little bit, but there was always a safe word when you were using rougher sex. They called me up and said, “Hey, because of what you’ve done in the past, we’ve heard you like having rough sex on film and off film. And we want to basically have it — it’s going to be really rough, but you can say stop at any time.”

I said, “Well, what’s the pay?” They were paying about 300 dollars or 400 dollars over the amount for these scenes that other people would pay, and I thought, “If I’m not able to do it, I’ll just say stop.” I said, “Sure, why not give it a try? It’s fake, right?” They said, “Yeah, of course it’s fake, we’re not going to have a snuff video. That would be illegal.”

So I came down the next day. They said, again, “You are OK with this being rough,” and I said, “Well yeah, it’s fake, right,” and they’re all saying, “Well, to a certain degree.” And at that point I should have known something, but I was in costume, this little nude costume, and I was ready to go. There were people on the set that were going to be involved in the scene, a couple of standbys and my male actor — my opponent, as I call it.

There was a cameraman behind the cameraman shooting so they could get the cameraman on film while they were shooting it, kind of cutting in and going out; y ou could tell that it was a reality set. But here’s the key. What they didn’t actually do was give me, as the actress/model, a safe word. They gave me nothing to stop the cameras if I really wanted them to stop.

So what they did was leave the crying and the kicking and the screaming in when I was saying, “Stop the cameras” because this man was hurting me. He tossed me over his shoulder and was using hard fists and slapped me on the ass and grabbed me by the throat and grabbed me by the neck and I was choking and I wanted them to turn off the cameras because I thought that wasn’t really what I wanted to get involved in. I was scared for my life, to be honest with you. And they literally brought so much terror to my forefront, and I was so horrified, and so shocked that their glory was showing on camera that I had no idea that I was going be beaten up. They basically caught that raw emotion and they also caught me sobbing and saying, “Can you stop it? Like for real, for real, for real.”

I saw the one cameraman put down his camera and walk away, like, “OK guys, she’s not joking around,” and then I saw the back one kicking in and shooting as I’m running off the set in tears going, “You fucking assholes.” I was so like emotionally touched, not in a good way but in a very bad way. I felt like I was getting totally violated, how somebody being raped would feel when they’re saying, “Stop it,” and then the guy doesn’t stop and then she feels that she deserved it. I was crying and it’s just… it’s really sad.

At the time I was paid 300 dollars to keep my mouth shut and to get off the set. I was off in a corner and I never thought to press charges, because at this time I think I was only 21 years old, and I hadn’t made that many movies, maybe twenty-five. I know that sounds like a lot to the average Joe, but if you really are not a promiscuous person, as I wasn’t… I was just slowly learning this industry that would pay me for being the person that I thought they wanted me to be. I had no measurement to put on what is too much, and what could be prosecuted in a court of law. I didn’t know what my rights were, and I was off the set and I was crying and just off in a corner by myself and Khan Tusion comes up and says, “Here’s 300 dollars, you don’t have to get up to finish the scene, go take the day off.” And it was really nice at that point because they all walked upstairs and left me alone in the lobby. I walked off the set and I couldn’t wait to just scrub my skin when I got home, and rid my mind of this horrible thing. I was embarrassed, and I was ashamed of the whole situation.

They had one out in the [Rough Sex] line and then the second one, that I was involved in. People saw the kind of terror and pain I was in, because they kept it in there, with a disclaimer saying, “She went off the set because she was really afraid.” So they had this little text disclaimer that they put up right after, or during, actually, my scene when I’m crying and I’m sobbing and this whole thing. The sex didn’t even occur, yet they put it in there for the value, the terror and fear of the crying. It wasn’t even a sexual thing they made it from me just wanting to show that they meant business and people were very turned off by that. They were looked very, very down upon in the industry for having brought that out.

They took Rough Sex right off the shelves after I did an interview about how it was real and it wasn’t just fake. Actually they were banned from being sold on most markets and that I don’t think you can buy them even online. They had to stop even printing them. Honestly I think that the industry or whoever — I don’t know who actually monitors that, but somebody — said, “You can’t sell that anymore or you’re going to jail.” I don’t know if anyone was arrested or not, but Chris Alexander, Khan Tusion, those two in particular, they should have been definitely prosecuted in a court of law.

If Max Hardcore is prosecuted for pretending that his models are younger than they are when he has models that are legally over the age of 18 dressed up in pigtails and everything… to stand up in a court and say, “That’s totally wrong, that’s child pornography, that’s perverted,” and then for these people to have physical abuse on film and have it be absolutely real, these guys are not prosecuted…

Nobody came to me and said, “You can prosecute this with an attorney.” And had somebody said, “You have rights, darling,” I would have basically probably… I don’t know. Maybe I would have prosecuted, but maybe I wouldn’t have. Because I got a lot of shit for actually speaking out against the company from the industry. Other girls in the industry had worked for the same movie line and maybe they were in abusive homes growing up and they were into the whole abusive sex thing of being punched in the mouth and socked in the face and they were actually mad at me for saying that Anabolic was wrong for doing this.

There’s hardcore and there’s perverted stuff. The pornography industry is going for it because they need something more over the edge to shock the public. The thing of it is that the pornography industry as a whole is looked at as immoral. Forget the laws, people don’t go out of their way to get the facts and say, “Well that’s OK, no that’s bad, but this is OK,” because they put it all under one encompassing title or umbrella and just say, “bad, bad, bad.”

So there are a lot of things that are really overlooked, like being used up and spit out. You know the models in the mainstream industry feel the same way as in the porno industry. Your looks are haggard, you’re not good anymore. You feel like you’re shot out.

Wow. Disturbing.
04.30.2004 | Jonathan Leaf
You consented to the sex in the first place and when it got out of hand you said "stop" and it stopped. It was rough but no one put a gun to your head you have the opportunity to earn more than a secretary earns in two weeks.
There is a deep human need for this kind of rough and violent material and if it weren't legal for men to view this kind of cathartic material then you would be removing a layer of protection from women. I bet if you recieved royalties from the sale of the video, you wouldn't be so critical.
07.9.2004 | Colin Deane
My dearest post-er child for a better America. I do wish to rebute the views and obviously uneducated opinions you share with us all about what I went through, and better yet, what I would have done, had "royalties" been introduced. You are the perrrrfect canidate for the porno buisiness, I want you to know, by the way. It's people like yourself that make up a majority of the business! They look at things in a mass scope of perception, going along with the popular ideas, citing the devils advocates' opinions to others as if to make thier peers think they are being a critic of what is wrong.
How come I took the time, sweet heart, to talk to the editor of this commentary? Do you really have all the answers dear reader and slanderer? Are you an experienced victim yourself, angry that your story didn't get to be published or what? I am just here trying to be a good interviewer to the public, where popular demand needed me to reveal yet again, how slimey and hurtful the adult industry can be.
Not all my experiences were bad, as I clearly and repetitively mentioned in the article. But we all do like to filter through things and get our fuel from them the best way we can, right?
I, for one, sought out, and filtered out hard cold cash, to fund a successful graphics and design studio and an antigraffiti product that is already a city and state wide implemented product. You, well, you have gathered that I am a tease who more or less deserved the rendered amount of abuse I allotted, and that if I was to gain financially from this picture, more than a mere $300, I wouldn't be so hurt, and so violated as I was that day.
Those reading your comments that entertain the thoughts you spew out, I don't care about. Those who can see how "Junior-College-Masters-Debate-Team" you look, I have got to applaud. Let's not forget the real issue here. Instead of trying so hard, Colin Deane, let's just acknowlege the wrong in the adult industry and not glamourize it. Its the marginal slime bags with heirarchy vocals like yourself that these videos actually make profits by.
Have a bad day sugar? Go take an enema, and get that on film for me, huh? I could make a killing off you in Germany right now.
Get that
09.16.2004 | Regan Starr
What happened to Regan was an abomination and a prime example of how women in the adult film industry can be exploited, used and abused. No woman, no matter what her social status is, deserves to be degraded that way, be it for real, or play acting in front of a camera. No woman should ever go through something like that. And to have the adult industry shun her for her brave act of coming forward afterwards is downright shameful. But of course I'm not saying it happens all the time, just in this particular case.
I am glad that she now has a thriving graphic arts business which just goes to prove how talented and multi-faceted this woman truly is.
After having met Regan in person myself, I have to say that she is one of the nicest, sweetest, most eloquent and brightest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. If Mr. Deane ever met her in person I'm sure he would change his opinion because Regan has that kind of personality that can win you over with the simple smile. She certainly won me over. In fact I am not ashamed to say that I may even be in love with her. But of course I know I cannot have her because women as special as Regan deserve more than the likes of me. I'm just a regular guy :)
06.16.2005 | Vic Mackey
It's great you have spoken up. The rough sex stuff is clearly abusive and feeds the viewers ideas that abusing women is okay and enjoyable. Scary stuff. I'm stunned that it's not illegal.
07.29.2005 | P.T.
I was surfing the Internet researching this new explosion in "rough sex." I find this explosion fascinating. Naturally, anyone of sound mental health would agree that the material being manifested by such exploitators as Tusion Khan repugnant. At the same time, there exists a considerable amount of men in this country who are viewing this material because of the ludicrous fantasy experience it purports. Moreover, men with a proclivity for stimulus-seeking behavior might find this material unavoidable; they naturally will seek the most intense portrayal of pornography they can find. What is extremely disturbing is the widespread accessibility of this material to minors. What we as Americans might be seeing is a generation that is socialized to this violent material, creating a mass pornographic addiction. This situation is analogous to George Jung’s attempts to flood the United States with Cocaine in the 80's. Surprisingly, for several years the market for coke survived relatively unscathed by the government. This new explosion may have a demand, but because of the blatantly pernicious psychological effects of its use, as the demand grows, the government will become privy to its existence. As of today, no attempt to investigate the problem of obscenity on the Internet has been launched because of the instability of the current political climate. As journalists continue to publicize the traumatic stories of women being abused and manipulated by producers and directors of pornographic film, the public awareness of these issues will become more ubiquitous. Once the government is aware of the materials' widespread availability, it will be subject to legal action. What Americans have yet to see and will be happening in the future is the legal equivalent of an atomic bomb on Internet pornography. Currently, obscenity is not a priority for public policy. But, as the demand for this material grows, so will the publics awareness of existence. Naturally, this material will survive and thrive for a brief period. But, once recognized by Congress as a significant social problem, is will subject to a political blitzkrieg. In the meantime, websites such as Tusion Khan's "meatholes" will be brought into the public consciousness and be subject to wanton criticism. Once in effect, people will spark a moral war against Internet pornographers, only to gather more supporters making it necessary for government action. As a result, the government will take the side of the moral right regardless of 1st amendment contingencies because the material meets the criteria for legal obscenity. Once this happens, the wheels will already be in motion, and it will be just a matter of time before the Governments Bureaucratic procedures launch a full-scale onslaught against people like Tusion Khan.
10.24.2005 | Anonymous
And yet nobody has come out against men being abused and humiliated in S/M vids. When there is an equal outcry about that and people aren't scoffing at the idea, your argument might have some relevence.
03.9.2006 | Anonymous
Who are you anyway? Your refutation is laughable. Men and women do not have a double standard.

-Author of the first Anonymous posting
03.28.2006 | Anonymous
You got paid and they stopped. There is much worse rough pornography. Big deal you cried who gives a shit when children starve in africa and around the world. Women get raped and men get murdered. Lets sort these more prominant issuses out before yours you melodramatic cry baby! Your situation is deservced you put yourself in that position you idiot!
04.27.2006 | Julian Logan
:-( this isnt good. i saw that website :S:S
i mean, c'mon. people can say here "yeahin africa its more worse"yeah so fuck you man. this is u.s.a stupid, that guy khan-bitch should get to jail.

and btw, girls go get an "real"job better then facing another guys like khan-tusion.


Aight cya all, take care.. i know that im never gonna visit this site.
05.18.2006 | King
To Julian Logan:

What differentiates this case from those of rape and murder that we hear about in the news during day to day life is the fact that the abuse and degradation suffered by some women in the adult entertainment industry goes largely unrecognized and is used to entertain others.

It's that vicarious thrill that buyers of DVDs like these get that makes this so sickening. Nobody gets off on a documentary of starving African children; there's no public with a desire to see more of that. More importantly, there's no audience who believes such things to be scripted, while the vast majority of people are unaware of the raw, realness of some of the abuses seen in videos such as these.

To argue that this was consensual is fallacious, considering that she was obviously misled prior to filming. Whether or not she received payment is largely unimportant considering the emotional weight of the events.
06.28.2006 | Stephanopoulos
that khan guy is a coward, i dont know if any of you seen "naked" but i chedk out his meatholes site and thats basicly rape!! hes a coward and it gets me a little pissed seeing him do that to women and getting PAID off it, free sex, free money, free abuse!!
07.12.2006 | khans a coward
Yet, do a search for the term "femdom" and see what you after site of men being dressed as women and abused by women, to the point of basicly being raped by women with strapon dildos. And yet, no one says a word and many feminist actually think that pornography like that, where men are restrained and raped by women, is "empowering" to women.
When the double standards are done away with and people start being outraged by "femdom" sites and films, and only then, will we see real progress in America.

07.19.2006 | Anonymous
How is the matter of gender at all relevant? This is not a matter of suffrage, or feminism, as you put it. This is a matter of simple human decency, and an impedance on a subject of human rights. HUMAN rights. Not women's rights, not men's rights, but human rights. It is wrong to lodge a dildo in the anus of a man against his will, just as much as it is wrong to choke and hit a woman for the sexual entertainment of others. The barriers of sex and gender should not exist in these situations; rape is rape, regardless of gender, and unwilling sexual engagement is a crime.
If 'Meatholes' was a site which engaged in homosexual, unconsensual, sadistic sex than it should be just as intolerable as heterosexual, unconsensual, sadistic sex.
The argument of a "double standard" between genders when it comes to sexism is exaggerated and cliched, and also useless, because matters of gender should not be readily applied. Matters of decency, and humanity, should.
07.24.2006 | Anonymous
The Anonymous above who talks of the femdom double-standard has a point. Why is Khan's brand of sexual sadism the only one that irks the ire of you people?

"How is the matter of gender at all relevant?"

This is a very foolish statement. Any form of sexual contact is quite clearly a negotiation/compromise between the sexes (or within sexes, in the case of homoeroticism). Miss Starr's experience is indeed an outrage, and she was well within her rights to sue for rape in my opinion. I can't help but feel more outraged, however, by that anonymous quote above.

Look at Vic Mackey's comment. Do you honestly think any woman would give such a comment to a male victim of rape? Our American male society treats women who work in the porn industry by one of two standards:
(1) the standard by which Mackey chauvinistically defends Starr, eternally trapping her into a role of a damsel in distress who needs protection from the evils of society, aka an object;
(2) the standard by which Colin Deane dismisses Miss Starr's dilemma as a side-effect of the immoral porno industry that she willingly sold her innocence to, at which point she lost all rights for people to see her in the ways described in (1).

When you consider that Khan Tusion's work is the exact antithesis of the standards of (1), being that the male protector has now become the physically abusive dominator in the Meatholes videos, it's not hard to see why many of you men who posted on this board where so quick to rally behind Miss Starr. See, the pseudo-rape thing messes with your psyche, while you still get to keep the "We're the stronger sex" mentality that chauvinists get when they 'defend' women, watching the Meatholes videos redirects this 'stronger sex' notion down a depraved new street. Many men will be turned off by this redefinition of their roles in society, but then again, a lot of men are turned on by it.

Why? It's the gender roles of society, plain and simple. Men who tend to treat women as objects will watch porn with the mindset of (2), and will be indifferent/turned on by the violence when women get sexually assalted, because quite simply it's "okay" for the women who've lost their innocence already to be debased in that way to them. Guys like Vic Mackey will watch porn perhaps because their strict adherence to the views of (1) makes it very hard for them to "victimize" women with the act of sex, so porn would be a natural alternative to the real thing. Haha, in other words, Vic, I'm betting that you're a virgin. But I digress...

Miss Starr's, and the hypothetical male slave's experiences, should be equally offensive to Americans if we as a country can actually hope to combat this trend. However, as the 'femdom Anonymous' poster said before, until Americans realize how much the underlying gender roles play a part in people's everyday motivations and actions, don't expect the Khan Tusions of the world to stop making money off of others' anguish.
07.30.2006 | TeaCake
Just to add something, when I speak of 'chauvinists' know that I don't use the term loosely like a typical feminist does. Male chauvinists are men that let their gender roles define them, and in American society that gender role is of the patriarchal leader of all he surveys-- including the dominance of women (dominance by 'defending' her or by submitting women to the chauvinist's notion of a woman's gender role in society, typically subservient to men.)

And I'm a black male, age 23, for those who were wondering if I was a bull-dyke liberal female feminist.

Hmm...I claim no malice in my use of the term 'bull-dyke'!
07.30.2006 | TeaCake
I bet you was not only prez of the student body but you made it big on the DEBATE team as well, huh?
08.6.2006 | mickey
Khan Tusion is a smart guy, he built a porn empire by doing the most extreme displays of "Hardcore" sex and I think a lot of people bought it up because they wanted to see how far he would go. I'm not saying Khan Fusion is a decent guy, he is very close to a demon and one of the sickest human beings we have the unfortunate opportunity of seeing in any sense. He gets away with this stuff because there's plenty of guys in the industry like him but he has the balls to do it on camera. The guys that pay him can throw out some pocket change if a girl wants to go to court. I personally wish these kind of websites and movies were all banned. But you can't ignore the millions of people that have kept these kind of sick freaks in their position. Unless porn is wiped out completely there is no way to stop this stuff from happenening. Bottom line is that porn stars are already in a bad situation, but if they don't like rough sex they should stop promoting it.
08.7.2006 | Anonymous P
Boy howdy, teacake, what a big steaming heap of presumption. "All men are either in column a, column b, or else they're ME, the Mighty Cake"...blah blah gender dynamics...blah blah crass lumpen generalisation ("typical" feminists?). What about guys who watch porn because they get turned on by happy pretty people having happy pretty sex?
Here's my uncomplicated take on it: if you enter an ass-kicking contest you shouldn't get kicked in the balls. These boys broke the rules.
However ill-advised it may be to take part in "rough" sex scenes, what was done was in defiance of standard working practise and therefore culpable.

PS- if I may make a crass generalisation of my own, all that "femdom" business seems to me to be more about fulfilling esoteric male humiliation fantasies than making women into abusers. So let's not have any more nonsense on that score. Regards, all!
08.17.2006 | CrankyEnglishDude
I like how Regan tries to pass herself off now as a success. "I have my own website and graphics blah blah blah"...somebody needs to stick a cock in her mouth and shut her up. Now lets go support George W. and go kill some Arabs.
08.22.2006 | Dick Cheney
And she is still doing porn. What a success.
08.24.2006 | Jumbo
Hey Colin Deane, I would like to do to you the things that piece of shit did to Regan
09.5.2006 | Nathan
A 'chauvinist' is a patriot, perhaps overly patriotic. 'A male chauvinist pig,' fyi 23 yr old black male TeaCake (male?), would be I guest a man who conflates his self worth/country/sexism into a larger, amalgamated complex; not an idiot who might necessarily lack self-awareness of that complex or, further, knowledge of what 'chauvinist' means, SweetCakes.
10.4.2006 | Re: Tea Cake
i can see how you could have been lured into this. my heart is with you and i'm glad you are okay. look me up if you ever want to catch up.

of ohs fame.
you can find me on myspace
10.4.2006 | mary ann k.
There has to be certian limits to pornography. If one agrees to be murdered, signs consent for it, it is absolutley detered because it is an illegal contract. If you are doing more than simulating rape a contract of consent should also be void. It really is a shame that misogynistic scumbags compensating for the fact they have been rejected time and time again and mistreated by woman take out there agression in such twisted conduct. You can be is intellectual as you want, you can pretend to be extraordinarly open minded and keen to the freedom of such "artistic expression," saying, o the woman makes her own choice,like chauvinistic macho assholes like colin deane. But anyone with a rational, healthy mind can clearly see behavior like this needs to be tamed.
10.5.2006 | C nich
There is a very fundamental difference with Domme-themed video material, no matter how rough: abuse of a male is consensual by nature: if the guy wants to stop the action all he has to do is to push the Domme away. His natural physical superiority is what makes the difference. In the case that he is tied up, he would have to have consented at some point to be tied up and surrender to her wishes. There is no way a woman could tie him up without either his consent or someone's help.

Even in that case, loose if he was really abused against his will, she better leave the room before they let the guy loose, because otherwise he'd beat the crap out of her. Like it or not, a male suffering abuse is always -at some point at least- his choice. As Regan's story exemplifies, this is not the case at all when a female is abused. So, no, I don’t think a Domme scene the same at all: it would be very easy to tell if they male is being basically assaulted on camera or not and they could never claim “it was just acting”.
11.17.2006 | Veronika
You know, a few years, you can not find anything new from Regan Starr. I wonder what she is up to now.
01.22.2008 | Donkey
Here's something for all of you: When you try to make a point, don't bother with your pretentious opinions. That goes for Khan Tusion supporters and denouncers alike. No matter how passionately you feel about something, a modicum of emotion makes for a better argument than a deluge. Most of the above posters come off as screaming fanatics. Most of them can't even help slinging insults.

Really, I wanted to comment on Regan Starr's experience but the empty shouting match this has become has turned me off. You don't have to be stoic, but leave your emotionally charged baggage at the door. It's a cheap, televangelist technique that makes me want to change this channel.
01.23.2008 | Chibot the Bored
Porn is like every other persons feast is another persons fodder. No matter what turns you on - No one deserves to be treated like Regan Starr. They planned this from before the shoot to really inflict pain (I have not seen it - nor do I want too) & capture it on film. Sick & wrong.

I do love Regan Starr though..!
04.22.2009 | Deuce Bag
What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. But when it comes down to it, in this case, she *did* agree to do the scenes, so there is only so much pity you can have for her.
05.13.2009 | Aaron
Aaron, consent can be given AND it can be taken away.

I have to say the guys here speaking out for Regan Starr, you're awesome. Believe me, ladies love feminism on guys.
The rest of you, man, I don't know. Why don't you try sharing your opinions with a lady friend and then see how she feels about you.
06.5.2009 | eg
Regan consented, they told her it was rough. When they got too rough, they stopped. I saw the scenes from both films. Oh, and there should have been a safeword, BUT it was also regans responsibility to make sure of the safeword as well. It sure sounds like they just got a little too rough and then she decides to go off and cry about it. Its pathetic. If one watches hardcore bdsm this stuff was VERY, VERY mild in comparison.
09.13.2009 | THETruth

Guys I have read every post and I must say that I feel for Regan, as I have dated two pornstars myself. Here's my piece: Regan, you chose to dance with the devil and you got burned. Was it right -- no! You consented to something that you could not take and you have some fault in that. As for Khan, he provides porn for a specific audience and he does it well. But lets get this rape shit out of the way right now. I believe and have always believed that women should be respected and protected. However, the term rape has become so loose that it baffles me. If a guy attacks you punches you ties you up against your will and forcibly penetrates you thats rape. WHat happened to Regan was buyers remorse. People it was not rape. I'm sorry if I ask someone if I can slap him or her in the face on camera for 100 buck then as consenting adults we can agree on that. Regan had the oppurtunity to say stop, she did, and they stopped. NO SEX NO PENETRATION. And she got paid a kill fee which is a lot more than people get paid for not completed a job well done. Have any of you seen Brandon Iron with Annette Swartz? Its rough and sick but she digs it and gets paid top dollar to be roughed up and sexed. These are not kids guys they are adults. Regan I mean you no disrespect at all, but you chose to work with the devil, and the devil burns people. YOU chose to get into this industry and to me there (Khans) only fault was not explaining the matter further to you, but from what I heard they actually showed you a video of previous girls. Like I said its your body, you stopped the action, and at the end of the day you must admit that they did stop, and not hold you down with a gun to your head and forcibly penetrate you. Thats the fairest post can give.

03.4.2010 | pornlover33

Like pornlover before me, I've read every post here. I stumbled across this discussion shortly after I stumbled on a meatholes production unaware of what I was watching. I was instantly turned off. Consentual or not this kind of "abuse", and I'm very confident that it is abuse at the very least, shouldn't be tolerated by any remotely healthy individual. I recognized at a pretty young age that the world of BDSM is a very dangerous one. A few posters here have called the Khan Tusion material a far cry from hardcore or that it could have been much worse. Well if what Regan Starr endured was even remotely close to what little I witnessed Taryn Thomas experience... I'm at a loss as to how this is not illegal.

03.31.2010 | JW

I've just had a look at the scene in question and to be honest it's really not that bad. Regan I think is over-reacting and perhaps lieing for fame?

08.14.2010 | Griffinite

As a 20-something year old guy I love me some porn! And I get that both men and women alike enjoy watching some roughness from time to time. But this Ron Sullivan AKA Khan Tusion is obviously a little bitch who has issues with women. Maybe he was a nerd in high school and none of the girls would go near him? He's also very stupid and unprofessional for not using a SAFE WORD with her. That's like rough porn 101. Everyone knows that's a requirement before you start filming. I think Khan bitch, the bitch male porno actor, and the crew were all in on it to see how far they could go. This girl agreed to rough sex but HE agreed to stop whenever she said so. The problem here is that he didn't stop as soon as she said it and he didn't give her a safe word. He let it go on and on for several MORE MINUTED before she fled away. She even said one camera man stopped filming but another bitch ass camera man kept going after her with the camera. This wasn't porn. This was psychical abuse, sexual assault and attempted rape because they were trying to keep going even though she wanted to stop. It's just a matter of time before this Khan beyotch is arrested because he's bound to get into trouble again and hopefully the porn actor that did this to her and the beyotch camera men come across some serious trouble in their own lives as well. KARMA IS A BITCH.

09.27.2010 | Brian S.

this is bullshit, Regan only had her tits slapped a couple times and then just lost her marbles, more anti-porn douchebag's the footage shitheads...!.html

10.28.2010 | sabertooth

re: sabertooth

This footage is clearly cut before you get to see what actually happens to Regan, you fucking moron.

How would you like it if I treated your mother like this? I'm guessing you would get off on it, you sick fuck.

10.31.2010 | Cal

Fact is, Regan Starr's a cheap whore with no social conscience whatsoever (well done for cleaning up graffiti, shame about the potential disturbed young minds) - and Khan Tusion is a cowardly sick fuck who needs shooting.
The victim is society, but it appears society's been asking for it.

11.18.2010 | The Oracle

Face it lady, you're a common whore. As common as whores come in 2010, you're not working the streets, you're working the internet. You wanna make big bucks, clearly you've targetted the right audience - men are looking at your pictures with dicks in hand wanting to do all kinds of things to you and you know it. The reasoning behind "rough sex" and who/why people are interested in watching it is inconsequential, the fact is you and women in the industry exist for a reason. Khan is providing a service just like you are. I'm not saying you deserve to be treated like an idiot, but it's not hard to understand why.

12.20.2010 | Reality

The fact is that there are many women in porn who have claimed their experience with Khan Tusion is THE worst experience they've ever had. If that isn't a huge red flag about this guy, there's something seriously wrong with you. I say this because these women in the porn industry have probably been through some crazy shoots over the years, including BDSM. So for that many people to claim their time with Khan was THE worst, it tells you everything you need to you about him.

02.9.2011 | J

Also, the people above who are trying to justify Khan's behaviour are disgusting. Yes, these women work in the porn industry. No, it's NOT OK for someone to be violated. This is akin to saying a women deserves to be raped if she wears sexually explicit clothing. Khan wasn't forthcoming about the level of violence in his work when the women asked him about it. Not everyone is going to catch on to how suspicious the crew is or how they deflect questions until after the fact.

02.9.2011 | J

Hey everyone. Geesh it's been a while since I have revisited this memory, but it did come up first when I typed my adult film name into Google's search bar today; on a whim.
Anyway, I am blown away that so many people, both men and women have commented and been so supportive twoards me in regards to this event.
I was brutalized, and it was sick and twisted. I think, in the grand scope of things, the worst part was sensing that I was being preyed upon, not only by Micky Blank that day, (if I remember correctly that was who I was working with), but that I was preyed upon, premeditatedly, by the casting manager, Kahn, and those involved with the production that day.
I felt a whole room of adult movie professionals, change from a safe group of collegues, to a pack of wolves, and I was being attacked. I can't imagine anyone has been the target or prey before in a group environment, where you didn't have any buddies or safe persons around you to "have your back" before? Well, my experience was shitty, and frightning and desolate. I felt tricked, manipulated, sick inside, and very much victimized by the owner of Anabolic, Chris, his wife, Suzanna, and their production staff that day, because when they finally got the picture that I wasn't going to continue, sobbing like a friggin' scared child, and pleading "stop, please, I'm not kidding around.", NONE OF THESE PEOPLE acted as if I had even a right to stop the filming.

There. That was it in a nut shell. And for the comments made by wierdo idiots saying I was handsomely paid off anyway, for being in this movie....ah, it's true what they say, ignorance must be blissful.

Thanks so much for your comments, those that understand the terror I shouldn't have had to endure,

Ms. Regan Starr

02.23.2011 | regan starr

Khan Tusion = Mark W. Handel, not Ron Sullivan. He is a real estate developer (MWH Development) in California, and frequently donates to politicians.
Of course, if you have big pockets you can make big friends. He called himself a "pillar of the community" in the UK documentary "Hardcore" about a British woman who comes to LA to work in porn (she changes her mind after a scene with Max Hardcore, of course). You can find that documentary online, Google it if you haven't.
Mark's brother is Bill Handel, a fairly popular radio host.
So yeah, for those wondering about "Khan Tusion", there you go. If you go to his IMDB page's forum, you'll eventually be led to a picture of him.
By the way Mark, if you're reading this, which I'm sure you are you paranoid freak, you should know that the secret's been out for a while now. It isn't 2004 any more.
You have these acts on your conscience. You have to live with the fact that you traumatized these young women. I'm not religious or any thing, but I do believe what goes around comes around. I'm amazed Max Hardcore is in jail and you're still walking the streets; then again, he isn't as connected. Congrats on your monetary success, I mean it; but a true success is someone who uses their power to help others, not harm. Without your money and your public facade, you're just an evil human being.

As for Regan, I wish you the best. However, in case you didn't know, a while back a girl named "Olivia" sued Max Hardcore over a brutal scene similar to yours. Guess what? She lost. And Max isn't nearly as connected as Khan. My point is, don't beat yourself up over not suing, it probably would have just been a financial burden. Scum is well protected in LA. You seem to be pretty intelligent, I hope you are happy.

Holy crap this is long. Another boring Thursday night; at least I'm doing something constructive. Writing is constructive right? Maybe not when it's about Khan Tusion. Wait, I'm rambling again. I swear I'm not drunk. Wow, some of these posts are from 2004. I wonder if this rant will still be up in 2018. 2018... the future looks bright.
Who the hell is still reading this? Besides Mark, of course.
Yes, this post is a landmark achievement. This is the one artifact that future generations will look at for a snapshot of our society. Forget 'The Social Network', this defines our generation. At least mine.
I'm gonna bookmark this so I can see if it lasts 7 years. To the future version of myself: Laura Nyro is amazing. Also, don't forget about that one thing... you know the one; actually it's two.... you know the two.
Okay, time to wrap this up. Good luck to you all in your future endeavors.

- A.R.

03.3.2011 | USMC9182


04.1.2011 | kHAN TUSIONS SON

> You consented to the sex in the first place and when
> it got out of hand you said "stop" and it stopped. It
> was rough but no one put a gun to your head you have
> the opportunity to earn more than a secretary earns in
> two weeks.
> [...]
> I bet if you recieved royalties from the sale of the
> video, you wouldn't be so critical.

What are you, fucking stupid? Or just illiterate?

Mike Mounier

08.16.2015 | Mike Mounier

First off lets just get this out of the way... TO ALL THE FUCKTARDS saying this shit isnt abuse forget Regans video I just watched a meatholes video where a fucking girl cried for 45 minutes being mentally abused. I had to skip through it it was so horrible. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SICK FUCKS NOT SEE THIS IS WRONG. Do they really need to inflict this much pain? There is clearly pain and FUCKING TEARS in there eyes. Why does EVERY porn actress say this shit stain was there worst experience? Why is every girl being emotionally broken tortured abused? You men are seriously messed up to justify ANY of this. Why does the ENTIRE porn industry frown upon him? Why don't girls complain? Because he is fucking loaded and pays everyone off. There seriously needs to be a campaign against this sick shit because if what gets you off is seeing a woman cry and scream and be in pain and be beaten an tortured CLEARLY against her will there is something seriously wrong with the men in our society and it needs to be stopped because next you will be abusing hookers then regular girls hell all pussy deserves it right? You sick fucks... shame on all the men here that has watched ANY of those videos and say that wasnt rape and abuse when there whole goal is to "break a girl". Any man that doesnt have issues with women can clearly see this is wrong and many girls were mislead. Im pretty sure this guy will be in jail soon because that shit looked like rape to me. I dont care how much of a "whore" you think she was she is a human and humans dont deserve to be treated that way. On another note Femdom and mostly all porn is catered specifically to men. Its our responsibility as consumers to say we will not go there. There is bdsm and there is abuse. This is the latter.

09.16.2015 | deathbyporn

After reading the horrifying account I decided to go find the actual video and boy was I surprised. I can only assume the rest of those commenting have not seen it, because what it shows is NEXT TO NOTHING. The "assault" lasts for less than 30 seconds. She is slapped in the tits 3-5 times before grabbing the man's hand and saying "no", at which point (you're not going to believe it) HE STOPS. Then he goes on to comfort her as a producer declares in the background that they wont be continuing the scene. Where are the heartless monsters that ignored her cries!? Where is the terrible and prolonged abuse!? Where is there any evidence at all that this is something other than a little high school princess getting all bent out of shape because people didn't do and say exactly what she wanted for 30 seconds? (as a reminder, she showed up to a job wherein she was asked if she would participate in rough sex, so some light to moderate tit slapping shouldn't have been surprising)

Thank you for writing about this, because it perfectly illustrates the problem with our current cultural mindset. Our society says that we can't argue with a person's lived experience. That it's not OK to question their lens. But here we have objective proof that her story of woe is a pack of lies. Sadly, I will be decried and subjected to abuse for trying to bring facts into the discussion, and feminists will continue to hold her unassailable victim status out as an example of another serious injustice perpetrated upon women by men.

Please watch the video yourself before replying:!.html

04.12.2017 | Common Sense

To anyone saying she is a common whore or looking at her with disdain, let me just point out that the only reason you are reading this is because you obviously watch porn. Therefore, you are just as responsible for the existence of porn as a female porn actress. Why aren’t Khan Tusion and his cronies whores? Answer is: they are. And the bigger point here is, no one deserves to be emotionally abused while shooting porn. You can say she wasn’t really physically abused, but that isn’t even really the big issue with tusion. He demands all these answers about the actresses’ past and says things to them like “your father is probably watching this right now, look what you’ve amounted to.” Is that really necessary? So many of his actresses have started crying or asked him to stop. And yes, they stop fucking the girl, but they keep the cameras rolling. There was also one girl he choked out so she was unconscious (speaking of physical abuse) and when she woke up she was disoriented and afraid, and he just kept filming. This is very different than a lot of other rough sex porn, including all the femdom I have seen. Never have I seen another director talk to the actors/actresses about those REAL lives and families while attempting to humiliate them. Most BDSM vids have a scene at the beginning where the actress (or actor) who is subbing lays out their ground rules. It’s usually all in an alternate universe as well, a fake story.

Tell me, why is it that a person deserves to be emotionally abused and genuinely humiliated because they choose to have sex for money? Why are some people so loathing of women who enjoy sex and want to do it for money, or even who just want to feel attractive for money? Why do you hate that so much, and yet continue to jerk off to porn hypocritically? I don’t hate porn actresses. I don’t want them to suffer. I don’t mind some rough porn (in fact, I like it) when I know there was genuine consent and that the actresses are being treated as human beings, not dirt. Just because someone likes to have sex for money does not mean they are any less of a human than you—and even if you don’t believe in selling sex for money, if you have ever looked at porn, you have no right to criticize these women.

Also, Regan (and many other actresses) are speaking out about this because they believe people should know about Tusion before working with him. What’s so wrong with that? They’re not leaving dead animals on his porch or even suing him, because they know the intense backlash they face from daring to try and get back at this guy in any real way. All they’re doing is trying to make the porn world a safer place. And I see no reason this shouldn’t be the case.

12.6.2017 | Jack

Mark Handal is just a good little Jewish boy.

02.18.2018 | Kosher Meathole

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