A Last Look at Fulton Fish Market

07.25.2005 | Evita Mendiola | Partisan Art, Photography, Urban Affairs | 3 Comments

Since 1822 the Fulton Fish Market has been operating on South Street in Manhattan. For almost as long the city has been trying to get it to move. Before the docks became obsolete to the fish selling business in New York it was proposed that the fish market be moved to Brooklyn or further uptown on the Hudson. Since the 1950s the idea has been to move the market to the Bronx. It’s stayed put, though, a city unto itself adjacent to the financial district, but a world apart, alive at night and nearly deserted by the time the markets come to life.

After propositions, promises, refusals, and once even breaking ground in the mid-1970’s the Fulton Fish Market is moving to a new state of the art facility in Hunts Point in The Bronx. The move has proven a hurly burly affair, as the owners have already ignored several deadlines, taking a we’ll move when we please approach, though most expect this will happen before the Fall.

The new facility is far more conducive to working in the winter and summer than the open-air Fulton market. Some worry, though, that relocating to Hunts Point, a corner of the city that somebody forgot to let in on the fact that quality of life went up in the mid-nineties, will leave the market open for organized crime to once again infiltrate. We can only hope that the city has a post-move plan to acclimate the market to its new surroundings.

Of course the hope is that bringing industry to the area will help its development. Who knows — In 20 years the fish market might be forced out once again for luxury high rises and a new playground.

"The phrase ‘the city that never sleeps’ doesn’t refer to nightclubs and bars, but to work and labor. At all hours is the city building, selling, changing, working, that is what it means to live in the city that never sleeps."
—J.P. Avlon

Saw these linked at Gawker; it's a shame that no part of lower Manhattan is to be left; just a yuppie paradise from coast to coast, with LES, Alphabet City and now the market all going the way of four finger rings and zodiac signs on sweatshirts. Gentrification is fine, but nothing but an upper class is not. Just glad I live in Queens, the city (as it likes to call itself) just isn't an honest place anymore.
07.28.2005 | Jon Blaze
I apologize for having no relevant chatter, just kudos for Ms Mendiola.
08.1.2005 | randalo estebans

I'm looking for this movie (Up At Lou's Fish). It's amazingly hard to find leads on how to get it. If anyone gets this message, please respond, thx. :)

05.5.2010 | Derek

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