Hala Lettieri

Gotham's Oysters, or, How the Hipster Stole the Drunkard's Food

09.22.2004 | Hala Lettieri | Food, Unfairly Forgotten, Urban Affairs | 5 Comments
Here in New York, where we once consumed so many oysters that Pearl Street takes its name from its former function as the dumping-ground of the city's nightly harvest of shells, we should be a little more down-to-earth.

Hala Lettieri on a None-Too-Triumphal Homecoming

Photographs of the newly released captives embracing one of the clerics who'd helped negotiate their release were treated with vituperative contempt back on the island. Their desire to continue working in Iraq was silenced by widespread disapprobation by Japanese who saw such sentiments as inconsiderate and ungrateful. As one Japanese official put it, "if they really hate Japan, I want them to defect to Iraq."