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The Feminist Who Thought She Had It All

05.22.2004 | David Walley | Fiction & Fables | 8 Comments
Looking for her husband, she found a note pinned to her boudoir table stating that he was leaving her for a woman who liked to wear garter belts.

How Achmed Lost His Credibility

05.14.2004 | David Walley | Fiction & Fables | 4 Comments
Ryan from the AP, with whom Achmed had a professional relationship, popped his head up to shout a question, but Achmed cut him off: "Poke your head out once more, White Devil, and I'll separate it from your Infidel body," he said companionably. Ryan obeyed, furiously writing up the direct quote while his brains and those of his colleagues boiled in the scorching midday Middle Eastern sun.

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