Eric Adler

Cheating Honor

06.15.2005 | Eric Adler | The Academy | 2 Comments
If a university were to dedicate itself to a “Sobriety Code,” students would transfer. If it were to formulate a "Sex Code", it would disturb parents or the women's studies department. But an “Honor Code” troubles no one.

It's the War, Stupid

11.16.2004 | Eric Adler | National Affairs | 4 Comments
Sometimes the obvious is true: What carried Bush to a second term was the War on Terrorism.

Free Jazz & Free Love, or, Is Branford Marsalis a Neocon?

10.29.2004 | Eric Adler | Music
A number of European avant-garde jazz musicians of my acquaintance have carped about the damage that government funding can bring to the free-jazz community. The self-promoting sass displayed by those on our side of the Atlantic is largely unknown on the continent.

"A Jazzy Rhythmic Lilt": Eric Adler on Hoagy Carmichael

Having purchased my first Hoagy Carmichael CD, I could ignore the irksome Hit Parade orchestral fluff that marred some of the tunes and delight in some of the greatest songs in the annals of American popular music.

Simplicity Itself

Do the protestors, whose visceral hatred for the president's supposed simplicity is everywhere on display, believe that their paraphernalia of protest (posters, T-shirts, slogans and chants) present a counterpoise to the simplicity of George W. Bush's worldview?

The Blues vs. The Reds

My interlocutor persisted: "Doesn't the word 'Israel' come from America?"

Eric Adler -- A Letter From Rome

The graffito that says the most about Italy's relationship with the United States is a message I saw in a few parts of the city: "Americans, Go Home."

Eric Adler on England's Conservative Wars

In a recent issue of The Spectator, columnist Rod Liddle averred that everyone would be much better off if Saddam were still in power. Not even as vehement an American critic of the Iraq War as Howard Dean ventured such an opinion on this side of the Atlantic.

Eric Adler on the Straight Man of New Dutch Swing

05.31.2004 | Eric Adler | Music
In some ways, Dijkstra is an uncharacteristic figure in the movement: he doesn't appear particularly interested in the vaudevillian antics of the Kollektief, or the neo-Dada tomfoolery of Mengelberg and Bennink. Rather, he comes across as an introspective, almost shy, presence on stage.

Clarity Is King -- Eric Adler on Postmodernists' Limpid Bursts

05.7.2004 | Eric Adler | The Academy | 4 Comments
The question beckons: Why can Spivak express herself so lucidly in Commentary, but offer only linguistic legerdemain elsewhere? In short, why can Spivak only occasionally write a sentence?

Eric Adler Takes On Heeb -- "A Slur of a Magazine"

04.16.2004 | Eric Adler | Media Affairs
It's doubtful whether a magazine aimed at "urban Jews in their 20s and 30s, who've very little or no connection to the organized Jewish world" can grow before its readers lose their last attenuated links to their religion and culture. This is Judaism as a scene and lifestyle instead of a culture and faith. Imagine a Norman Mailer essay on "The White Hebrew" and you'll get the picture.