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Crazy Ladies III -- Maureen and Candace

09.4.2004 | David Walley | Interviews & First Person | 1 Comment
Maureen didn't have to be the Amazing Kreskin to see my metaphysical predicament and soon after tea and a joint, we found ourselves in bed. If sex was any indicatior of spiritual development, I'd blundered into nirvana.

Ramallah IV -- Under the Light of the Electric Mosque

"I would sleep in the back of the truck as my father drove down, dodging the Israeli tax police. Through the night he would stop, sell a chicken and butcher it. All night driving, selling and killing chickens, and I would sleep in the pickup, surrounded by them. In the morning we would be back in Gaza and I would go to school. We did this every night for five years."

Crazy Ladies II -- Rock and Roll Lovelies

08.28.2004 | David Walley | Interviews & First Person | 1 Comment
Part of the unspoken game was to bag the publicist, or the journalist, or the cute little manager assistant, or the lady rock star, or whoever, just to collect scalps.

Ramallah Dispatch III -- Colonial Love

Ramallah is full of lingerie shops. Ergo Ramallah is full of children.

Crazy Ladies I - Gina and Lucinda

Publishing was a place where all great matters affecting the state of the world could be discussed over sherry. For the vestal "virgins" employed therein, literature was a sacrament that only the well-connected could dispense.

Ramallah Dispatch II -- Hummus and Coffee

Disapproval of beheadings is expressed to me incessantly, since I am the room's representative of the West. "This is not Islam," says one of the secretaries. "I know," I reply from my culturally aware up-on-high. "No I mean it's really not. It says in the Koran that if you kill an animal you should do it with one stroke of a sharp blade."

The Sound of Legs Crossing

08.14.2004 | David Walley | Interviews & First Person | 7 Comments
It could be that women have always been trained to exude innocence without ever having any.

Under the Light of the Electric Mosque I -- The Parabola

The soldiers are afraid and it is written on their faces: Does this person have a bomb? Or a piece of a bomb to be put together in Tel Aviv? Will the next bomb that goes off in Jerusalem have passed by me? The mistake they make here might not kill them, it could kill a family member instead. Still you can only feel fear full on for so long before it's all just boredom.

A.B. Goldenweizer Spends A Day With Tolstoi

Tolstoi said: "Religions are usually based on one of these three principles: on sentiment, reason, or illusion. Stoicism is an example of the religion of reason; Mormonism of illusion; Muhammadanism of sentiment."

Our Man Recalls His First Political Love

Blumenthal for Mayor was in the Brill Building, in the waning days of its life as a songwriters' lab. The operator-driven elevators passed through multiple-piano cacophony each trip up and down. Jack Dempsey still greeted customers himself in his eponymous restaurant off the lobby.

The Ron Kuby Interview, cont.

06.21.2004 | Jonathan Leaf | Interviews & First Person | 8 Comments
"When I get depressed -- when I get down -- I cling to it. I cling to [Marxism] like Christians cling to Christ's vision."

Jonathan Leaf Talks With Ron Kuby

06.14.2004 | Jonathan Leaf | Interviews & First Person | 16 Comments
The logic seemed to me reasonable then. So I took the cue, and asked him why, as a revolutionary Marxist, he had chosen to represent mobsters.


I jumped at the opportunity to transport some of my New York alienation down to her bungalow in Santa Monica ... She listened and listened and listened while I read and read and read. I was tender, I was intense as pages of manuscript flew out of my mouth and onto the floor in front of us. Of course I liked her, probably because she didn't interrupt me while I rambled.

Tim Marchman Talks To Gen Padova

05.30.2004 | Tim Marchman | Interviews & First Person | 9 Comments
I was diagnosed with cancer and told that I might only have three or four years left to live. That was one of the main things that got me up on my feet towards the adult industry... One day my mother was at work and clicked a link in her email, and porn pop-ups showed up everywhere and one of the girls happened to be her little girl.


05.29.2004 | David Walley | Interviews & First Person | 3 Comments
I once lived with a woman for six months more or less because she gave me an Oreo cookie ... I did it despite the advice of my friend who opined that making love to a Jewish girl is like committing incest.

Tim Marchman Talks To Mike South

05.9.2004 | Tim Marchman | Interviews & First Person | 14 Comments
"Khan Tusion tries to get women to have a psychological breakdown on camera. He gets enjoyment out of that, and presumably so do the people who watch it."

Missing -- Mugger on an Old Friend's Suicide

Maybe he'd found out that his 24-year-old body was riddled with cancer; perhaps there were nagging demons torturing him that I was unaware of. In any case, I never did find out the reason this brilliant, imaginative young friend of mine decided to kill himself.

Filmed Assault? Tim Marchman Talks To Regan Starr

05.1.2004 | Tim Marchman | Interviews & First Person | 50 Comments
“What I love about the porn industry is that they never beat around the bush; they don’t pretend that you’re somebody special, and so you should probably have a good idea of what you’re up against. They’re nice about it, but it’s a very open industry… When you get into the industry you can see, you can sense, that people are using you for something.”

Our Man Asks Mort and Brenner If the Kibbutz Has Become a Vestige

"The kibbutzim made a decision not to pursue settlement beyond the internationally recognized borders of Israel. Today, the Israeli public consistently supports shutting down settlements and moving to a two-state solution. Even Sharon has calling for an end to specific settlements. The Israeli public understands that the price to be paid for continuing the occupation is something that severely threatens the Zionist dream."

The Fall of Quarter Man

*Umbrella, n — A derisive term for hipsters derived from the Handsome Family song Everything That Rises Must Converge (itself of course named after the story and collection of the same name by Flannery O’Connor): “Some folks are like umbrellas/ They pass through your life with little meaning.” Also from M’intosh the revenant in Joyce’s Ulysses, a character marked by his prophylactic garb, ill suited to the story’s weather, and detachment from his surroundings. See Also: Space Pirate.

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