Bret Csencsitz

Mondovino and the Future of Wine

04.20.2005 | Bret Csencsitz | Film, Food | 4 Comments
The French term terroir translates to soil but in the world of wine it also connotes the “old” ways of winemaking that is more expressive of the individual winemaker, his land, grapes and the fickle moods of Mother Nature. Big business, on the other hand, would prefer a reliable and consistent product with appeal to a broad market.

War, Unfairness and Film

03.16.2005 | Bret Csencsitz | Film
In Gunner Palace the camera at times becomes merely an expression of the footage as its operator is forced to flee and all we see is the whirling images from what otherwise might be an amateur video. The sounds of machine guns, shouting and running keep us aware of the immediate danger as we see only the chaotic images, unaware of from where the shooting is coming or why.

A Look Askance at Sideways

02.28.2005 | Bret Csencsitz | Film | 1 Comment
Perhaps the uninitiated will find humor in silly depictions of an overly eager wine “aficionado” who knows the lingo but doesn’t understand the intention; all ceremony and no substance. But the metaphor is fingered and pulled thin. Think “Life is like a bottle of wine” and you’ll have the idea.