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Partisan Video—James

12.6.2008 | A.R. Brook Lynn | NP, Partisan Art, Video | 4 Comments

This week’s video feature, by New Partisan regular A.R. Brook Lynn, is a short film about a cash-strapped Greenwich Village mother, Becky (NP contributor Hala Lettieri), and her six-and-a-half-year old daughter, Charlotte (Samantha Becker), on a trip to see her estranged husband, James (Salvatore Interlandi, writer and director of the widely acclaimed  Charlie), and try to collect child support. James also features Angela Pietropinto (Welcome to the Dollhouse), and a cameo by New Partisan editor-in-chief Harry Siegel as the mental patient some say he was born to play.


Rape? A day in the life of an aspiring artist

I didn’t know if this was rape or not. I didn’t know whether her plea was merely a request or a firm stance on the matter.
“Keep shooting!” said Big A.
N. kept shooting.

Fanny, a Bowery Tale

03.15.2005 | A.R. Brook Lynn | Partisan Art, Sequential Art | 2 Comments

The Gentry of the Bowery

Famed punk club CBGB may be on its the way out, a victim of the unlikely new interest in gentrification of its landlord, a homeless group that's planning on doubling the venue’s rent. All of which made for an ironic backdrop to the CBGB 313 Gallery’s new photography exhibit, Back to the Bowery.

Partisan Art

12.31.2004 | A.R. Brook Lynn | Illustrations, Partisan Art | 1 Comment
Before we ring in the new year, here's an instant oldie: All of Graphic Arts Editor A.R. Brook Lynn's illustrations for New Partisan from 2004, beginning with the first installment of her Fanny, a Bowery Tale, continuing with her head cuts of all your favorite partisans, and ending with her article illustrations. Without further ado, then..
                    Girl                                                Harry Siegel                            Tim Marchman
Girl. copy.jpg
              harryhed.jpg               tim hed.jpg

       David Steinhardt                                   A.R. Brook Lynn                         J.E. D'Ulisse
vid hed.jpg     alex hed.jpg   dulisse hed.jpg

         Jonathan Leaf                                                                                      Boy
jon hed.jpg                                                            Boy copy.jpg    

Our A.R. Brook Lynn On The Hunt For a Modern Katharine Hepburn

04.2.2004 | A.R. Brook Lynn | Film
It's as though gaining ten pounds and allowing the make-up girl to cut your hair into a mullet is the modern analog to intelligence, wit, and breeding.

A.R. Brook Lynn on The Oscars -- Druggy Comics, Rat Finks & Hollywood Nazis

03.1.2004 | A.R. Brook Lynn | Film
After an introduction from Jim Carrey, who seemed to be doing a menacing, drug induced revisit of his portrayal of Andy Kaufman, Blake Edwards crashed through a fake wall in a wheel chair in the sort of zany stunt everyone still conscious expected.